Schedule 2022*

The concerts will take place under a series of hygiene measures due to Covid-19. Only in this way we can guarantee the best protection against new infections. Read more

Thursday, 07. July 2022, 19:30
Museum Zinkhütter Hof, Stolberg

Young Artists in Concert

Silas Zschocke (Viola)
Auerl Dawidiuk (Klavier)
Werke von Marais, Franck, Bach, Penderecki, Hindemith
Stipendiaten der Deutschen Stiftung Musikleben

Friday, 08. July 2022, 17:00
Museum Zinkhütter Hof, Stolberg


F. Poulenc: Babar, der kleine Elefant

Saturday, 09. July 2022, 19:30
Museum Zinkhütter Hof, Stolberg

Alexander Krichel

Werke von Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Franck

Sunday, 10. July 2022, 17:00
Museum Zinkhütter Hof, Stolberg

Sheila Arnold & Alexander Ramirez

(Hammerflügel & Guitarre)
Werke von Diabelli, Hummel, Schubert, Rossini,
Beethoven, Carulli, Goss, Ximenez-Tiardo, Boccherini

20. - 23. September 2022 | Aachen and Stolberg | coming soon

* Subject to changes


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